While it’s impossible to predict what will happen next, there has never been a more critical time to bring people back to the office in the right way. We have all gone through a shift in our thinking, and our realization, that while working from home was necessary and certainly had its perks, there is nothing that can replace the workplace. 

We need to bring people back to the office, but not to the same office. Ahead of us lies an opportunity to rethink the workplace, allowing us to compete like never before, in an environment that is highly adaptable, as well as compelling and safe for employees.

Everyone will return to the office changed in some way. And the office will need to change so everyone will feel safe, and want to return to the office.

We need to make safety and wellbeing a priority.

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The 3 Elements of a Safe and Healthy Workplace

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Wellbeing happens when there is an intersection between our physical, cognitive and emotional health — safety is foundational to all three.

Organizations need to take action to ensure that:

  • Physically: People can work in places where they are able to stay healthy overall and minimize exposure to pathogens that cause illness.
  • Mentally: People are not in fear for their personal safety because that distracts them from being focused and productive.
  • Emotionally: Everyone needs to feel safe at work. They need to be confident that their employers have done everything possible to create a safe environment, especially for those who may be at higher risk.

We know the workplace is essential.

It’s where culture is built, innovation is fueled, and growth happens.

Knowing this is the best place for people to come together, we need a strategy for the physical work environment that follows new safety protocols and allows people to create, collaborate, and be productive.

Here are some design considerations we may utilize when planning the return to the office.

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