Project Description

Coffman Engineers, an award-winning consulting company with offices in Asia, Guam and Hawaii, came to us to bid on a project for their office to consolidate their two Hawaii offices into one central location.

Project Challenges

Completing our installation within the tight deadlines we were given was our biggest challenge. However, having a hard working crew, working efficiently, and selecting options that allowed us to complete the project on time made it possible for us to not only meet the deadlines but also to keep their project on budget and achieve their design goals.

Our Solution

Ben, Coffman’s Operations Manager, informed us that they appreciated the personal service we provided, including tours of prior installations, which helped them formulate a clearer idea of the look and feel they wanted to capture for their new space.

He enjoyed working with Pam and Harvey during the process, as well as our skillful installers, as he watched his project come to life.

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They also have a pool table and wellness room in their space. After their blessing ceremony for the new office, we all participated in a trivia night and had a blast!

Work With Us

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